D-link Extender Firmware Update

D-link Extender Firmware Update via http://dlinkap.local web address

D-link extender firmware should be done periodically to fix security vulnerability if any in the previous Firmware. The D-link Extender firmware update can be done via the D-link wifi app or http://dlinkap.local web address. To update D-link Extender firmware follow the below-mentioned Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Connect your computer or PC with D-link Extender. Wired Connection is recommended to update Extender Firmware.
  • Once you are connected with D-link Extender wired or Wirelessly, Launch a browser and type http://dlinkap.local or IP address In the address bar of your browser.
Dlinkap.local |  Dlink Extender Firmware Update
Dlinkap.local | Dlink Extender login
  • A Login screen will appear, Enter your Administrative Login password. In case you don’t have one, simply click on the Login tab.
  • D-link extender web management screen will appear. Click on the Management option, then click on the Firmware update option.
  • Click on the check for firmware updates option. The D-link extender will try to connect with the D-link server to check if there is any firmware upgrade. If there is a pending upgrade, you will get a notification to update.
  • Moreover, you can manually download the latest firmware from the D-link support site. After Downloading the firmware file, decompress it and update it on the D-link extender web management console page.
  • D-link Extender will reboot once, to apply new firmware changes.
  • For future firmware upgrades, You can select the Auto Update option, So that if there is any firmware upgrade available for your extender, it will automatically get downloaded and then further updated on your Extender.

Points to keep in mind while updating D-link Extender Software/Firmware:

  • Make sure your D-link Extender is powered ON, during the Firmware up-gradation process. Do not press the Power button on the D-link extender while the software is getting updated.
  • If you are not able to access the D-link Extender web management page via http://dlinkap.local, make sure that your device is connected with the D-link extender wired or wirelessly. Alternatively, Users can use the IP address
  • In order to update D-link extender firmware automatically, Make sure your D-link Extender has an active Internet connection.
  • In the case of new D-link Extenders, a Firmware update can be done easily via the D-link wifi app. D-link wifi app is easy to use web management app, an alternative to web GUI address http://dlinkap.local.D-link Extender firmware update can be done via the D-link wifi app or via http://dlinkap.local web address / IP address

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